Amazon Alexa* Skills for the PC

The PC is getting smarter. Change how you use a PC by combining voice services with the built-in capabilities of Amazon Alexa* skills.


Alexa and other voice services (like Google Assistant*) deliver unique capabilities such as streaming music, smart home control, ordering food, and more on smart speakers and smart displays. Now that Alexa is enabled to run on Windows® 10 devices, this same experience is possible on a PC. The PC is a powerful device because of its compute capability, storage, screen size, connectivity, I/O, and open platform attributes.

Using a hybrid model of cloud and PC, skill functions are handled by the Alexa Voice Service* (cloud) and implemented on a linked PC. When combined with voice services, the PC becomes more valuable due to its unique abilities, enhanced by the creativity of skill developers and voice service vendors.

Video: Amazon Alexa Skills Overview

Step 4

Download Sample Skills and Source Code

PC Search Guide

Create a search skill that uses voice commands to locate files on a PC.

PC Automation Skills Guide

Develop a skill that lets users navigate Windows configuration pages.

PC Arrange Windows Guide

Create a skill that arranges Windows applications on the user's desktop.