Get started using Intel® FPGA tools with tutorials, workshops, advanced courses, and sample projects built specifically for students, researchers, and developers.


Access quick, hands-on guides to get started with the key features of Intel® FPGA technology.



Master the critical components of FPGA design with step-by-step workshops that help you progress through a project. Each one takes approximately four hours to complete.


Advanced Learning

Take your designs to the next level with on-demand training, quick videos, and multiple-week classes that cover the advanced features and applications of FPGAs.

Intel® AI Developer Program

Access courses, tools, and a developer community where you can learn the fundamentals of AI and deep learning acceleration on Intel® hardware.

Intel® FPGA Technical Training

Learn new technical skills or refresh your knowledge with interactive, instructor-led virtual courses and on-demand training. All classes are free for university faculty and staff.

Intel® FPGA on YouTube*

Watch extensive engineer-to-engineer videos featuring the most popular Intel FPGA technology.

FPGA Hardware

Enhance your learning with hands-on experience. Find the hardware that meets your project needs.

Low-Cost Development Kits

Perfect for students and makers, these introductory kits contain all the key features needed to build creative and powerful designs at an affordable price.

Cutting-Edge Development Kits

Power your groundbreaking innovations with the latest kits and acceleration cards based on state-of-the-art Intel FPGA devices.