Recent Updates

Explore how Intel works with top game developers to enable exciting new experiences.

Chaos Destruction and Niagara Particle Systems

Part 1 of this series on Unreal Engine* 4.23 explores the Chaos destruction and Niagara particle systems.

Hitman 2*: Enhance Reverb on Modern CPUs

See how multicore CPUs and parallelization made this game more immersive and improved reverb.

Integer Scaling Support on Intel® Graphics

Integer and nearest-neighbor scaling is now an option in the Intel® Graphics Command Center.

Intel and Microsoft* Unveil Variable Rate Shading Support

Learn about support for this feature in Microsoft DirectX* 12 and 11th generation Intel® hardware.

Detect & Enable High-Dynamic Range (HDR) with DirectX* 11 and 12

Add HDR rendering to your game with using the DirectX API, which is GPU agnostic.

Unreal Engine* New Chaos Physics System

This Hollywood-quality physics simulation and destruction system was unveiled at the 2019 Game Developers Conference (GDC).

Create Realistic 3D Scenes with Cinema 4D*

See how Maxon uses Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit to improve performance, modeling, and rendering.

Advanced Programming with Intel® Implicit SPMD Program Compiler

Explore Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) programming such as lane interoperability and more.

Intel® Open Image Denoise: Optimized CPU Denoising

Learn about this high-performance, open-source filter for images rendered with ray tracing.