Intel® Edge Controls for Industrial

Create software-defined industrial control solutions with this prevalidated reference platform that integrates real-time compute, standards-based connectivity, safety, virtualization, and IT-like management.

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Enable precision computer numerical control (CNC), motion control, logic control, and the human-machine interface (HMI) via software PLC on commodity industrial PCs.

Discrete Manufacturing

Take advantage of type-1 hypervisors with a wide variety of industrial protocol libraries and software PLCs to consolidate heterogeneous environments at the edge.

Process Automation

Support deterministic networking to allow real-time interoperability of orchestrated microservices.


Consolidate typical robot controller tasks and enable high-speed deterministic synchronized motion control.


How It Works

Understand the components, services, architecture, and data flow in Edge Controls for Industrial.

Get Started

Access instructions for installing the software and validating the installation.


Follow step-by-step examples to become familiar with the core functionality of the software.

Edge Controls for the Industrial Protocol Bridge

View a single-system example that showcases the conversion of the OPC UA Client/Server to OPC UA Publish-Subscribe protocol.

Edge Controls for the Industrial OPC UA CODESYS

See how the Edge Control Protocol Bridge enables OPC UA Publish-Subscribe communication to a CODESYS application.

Karbon 700

Create control solutions with this industrial PC based on the 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processor.

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Run more virtual machines at the edge with this platform based on Intel® Core™ processors.

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Vecow SPC-5200

Move toward a software-defined factory infrastructure with Edge Controls for Industrial and this hardware.

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Maxtang mITX-WL10 

Combine this platform with the ACRN hypervisor for low-latency virtualized control applications.

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