Edge Insights for Fleet (EIF)

Provide near-real-time insight to drivers and fleet managers with a purpose-built software package for event detection and notification.

Applied Filters

Driver Behavior Analytics

Use video injection and analytics, rule engine, and event recording services to monitor driver behavior. Develop a solution that provides alerts and stored video clips to drivers and fleet managers.

Vehicle Event Recording

Apply AI to monitor the exterior of a vehicle and send events to a cloud dashboard. Includes event-based recording, remote view, driver coaching, and traffic violation detection features.

Cargo Management

Use an Intel® RealSense™ camera to create a solution that detects regular and irregularly shaped packages and tracks newly added and removed packages in the cargo area of a transportation vehicle.

Product and Performance Information

1ZeroMQ is a brokerless message bus that transfers data from the source directly to the destination. ZeroMQ is used in TCP and ICP mode with pub-sub and request-response patterns.