Edge Insights for Industrial

Integrate video and time-series data analytics on edge compute nodes for industrial use cases using prevalidated software components.

Operational Efficiency and Safety

Increase supply efficiency and worker safety.

Manufacturing Quality and Inspection

Improve yields and reduce downtime. 

Predictive Maintenance

Detect defects and predict equipment failures. 


Reference Implementation:

Rotor Bearing Defect Detector

Predict performance issues with manufacturing equipment. Perform local or cloud analytics on any issues found and predict when failures might arise.


How It Works

Understand the components, services, architecture, and data flow in Edge Insights for Industrial.

Get Started

Access instructions for installing the software and validating the installation.


Follow step-by-step examples to become familiar with the core functionality of the software.

Advantech* EPC-C301 Developer Kit

This embedded AI system delivers high-performance computing on 8th generation Intel® Core™ processors.

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JWIPC iFactry Developer Kit

Deploy industrial-grade hardware and software in factories, warehouses, and manufacturing environments.

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IEI* TANK AIoT Developer Kit with Intel® Xeon® Processors

Create industrialized solutions with the performance of hardware accelerators and Intel® Xeon® processors.

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All Edge Software

The complete collection enables you to quickly deploy AI and machine learning applications at the edge with features like prevalidated components.