Edge Insights for Vision

Deploy computer vision and deep learning workloads at the edge with prevalidated software components.

Applied Filters

Learn to combine data from multiple sensors to verify objects in a retail self-checkout example.

Social Distancing for Retail Settings

Use video analytics solutions based on Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit models to support retail settings for pandemic scenarios, helping to reduce public health risks.

Install a web-based application to help securely connect devices to Azure IoT*. You are responsible for payment of all third-party charges, including payment for use of Microsoft Azure* services.

Intelligent Traffic Management

Monitor traffic intersections via IP cameras to optimize traffic flow. Detect vehicles and pedestrians, record vehicle types and counts, calculate velocity and acceleration, and more.

Driver Management

Use computer vision, deep learning, and edge networking to develop a solution for managing driver behavior and alertness.

Automated Checkout

Use computer vision and sensors to detect products removed from a cooler or cabinet, count inventory, identify the need for maintenance, and more.

Create an end-to-end pipeline to detect social distancing, a COVID-19 preventive measure. Apply deep learning models from the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit.

Store Aisle Monitor

Use a video source to generate a visual heat or motion map to count the number of people that enter and exit a smart venue, store, factory, or warehouse aisle.

Smart Retail Analytics

Use computer vision inference in the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit to provide analytics on customer engagement, store traffic, and shelf inventory, optimizing retail operations.

Single-click deployment of a ready-to-use cloud to edge inferencing pipeline.​ You are responsible for payment of all third-party charges, including payment for use of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Network Video Recorder

Integrate video streams from a variety of edge devices into computer vision applications.

Store Traffic Analytics

Gain insight into consumer behavior by using computer vision models to identify patterns in customer volume and flow.


How It Works

Understand the components, services, architecture, and data flow in Edge Insights for Vision.

Get Started

Instructions for installing the software and validating the installation.


Step-by-step examples to familiarize you with the software's core functionality.

IEI* TANK AIoT Developer Kit

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