XLR8* Development Board

Create FPGA-based solutions using an Ardunio* integrated development environment (IDE) or bare-metal design.

  • Features an Intel® MAX® 10 FPGA
  • Embedded 8-bit microcontroller compatible with the Atmel* AVR instruction set
  • Accelerated, higher-performance alternative to Arduino UNO*

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Programmable with Arduino

Rapidly develop your solution using the free and flexible Arduino integrated development environment (IDE).

Alorium* Xcelerator Blocks (XBs)

Target application-specific behavior, such as floating point math, quadrature, and servo control using preinstalled XBs.


Boost the speed and performance of your solution through FPGA-powered acceleration and offload.


  • XLR8* development board
  • USB cable

Arduino IDE

Get started using the XLR8 board with a simple interface for editing the firmware or sketches that will be uploaded to the 8-bit microcontroller.



This open-source, cross-platform IDE works with more than 500 different boards. PlatformIO provides additional features that may be more comfortable and familiar to experienced firmware developers.


FPGA Design Software

Intel® Quartus® Prime Software Suite is the free software tool for FPGA design and synthesis with the Intel® MAX® 10 FPGA. Designers can use this software for implementing custom FPGA Xcelerator Blocks as part of the OpenXLR8 methodology.