AI-Ready Vision Kit for Smart Manufacturing

Quickly develop industrial manufacturing solutions.

  • Time-series data and video analytics frameworks on a single platform
  • Hardware-accelerated computer vision inference using the OpenVINO™ toolkit
  • Container-based software for easy customization and deployment

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Run Multiple Workloads

The included software provides video and time-series data ingestion and allows various analytics workloads to run on the same system.

Use Computer Vision Hardware Acceleration

Harness the performance of the CPU and the GPU for deep learning inference with the included OpenVINO™ toolkit.

Deploy Portable Software

Software based on Docker* containers gives flexibility and portability of solutions.

Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit

  • Enable convolutional neural network-based deep learning inference on the edge.
  • Support heterogeneous execution across various accelerators—CPU, GPU, Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2, and Intel® Vision Accelerator Design products—using a common API.
  • Speed up time to market via a library of functions and preoptimized kernels.

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Intel® System Studio

  • Optimize production and performance.
  • Get cross-platform support.
  • Quickly identify and analyze performance across network, devices, and remote systems.
  • Reduce system power consumption by collecting and analyzing power behavior.

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Intel® Media SDK

  • Accelerate rich media performance. Speed up video playback, encoding, processing, and media formatting conversion.
  • Prototype, optimize, and productize your media pipelines with a comprehensive, convenient API.
  • Debug and customize your products quickly.

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