Smart Video

Customize commercial smart video solutions and implement real-time monitoring and analysis with Intel® Vision products and tools.

Smart Retail Analytics

Conduct computer vision inference to provide analytics on customer engagement, store traffic, and inventory.

Network Video Recorder

Decode, encode, and optimize video streams using media stacks.

Digital Kiosk Display for 4K Ads

Adjust kiosk displays in response to audience demographics.

Store Aisle Monitor

Capture video, generate a heat map, record the number of people present, and then integrate the results.

Store Traffic Monitor

Monitor people and product inventory in a retail setting using multiple video streams.

Build a Safety Gear Detector

Identify workers and determine if they have adequate safety protection.

Restricted Zone Notifier

Receive automated messages when workers enter off-limit zones.

Intruder Detector

Create a surveillance system that generates alerts when people, cars, and bikes enter a secured space.

Smart Video Workshop

This self-paced workshop teaches an end-to-end computer vision workflow using the latest Intel® technologies and the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit. 

Learn how to:

  • Use deep learning algorithms that help accelerate smart video applications
  • Optimize and improve performance with and without external accelerators
  • Use tools to help you identify the best hardware configuration for your needs
  • Apply frameworks and topologies supported by the Intel® accelerator tool

Intel Distribution of OpenVINO Toolkit

  • Enable convolutional neural network-based deep learning inference on the edge for computer vision applications
  • Support heterogeneous execution across accelerators—CPU, GPU, Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2, and FPGA—using a common API
  • Speed up time to market with a library of functions and preoptimized kernels

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