Current Intel® Parallel Computing Centers

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Intel® Parallel Computing Centers

Experts provide resources to parallelize processor cores.

Browse a list of the current parallel computing centers worldwide.

Intel® PCC for Scientific Rendering is to research and develop visualization techniques for Intel hardware.

In collaboration with NYU, LBNL, and Intel we propose to use energy physics experiments.

CSC – IT Center Science will, in collaboration with researchers in atmospheric- and environmental science.

NERSC Big Data Center is to solve DOE’s leading data-intensive science problems.

Molecular dynamics is a highly compute-intensive simulation tool for determining the thermodynamic.

The ever-increasing need for computing resources has prompted a sustained effort to optimize the high energy.

The Science of High Performance Computing Group at UT Austin works on fundamental aspects of computer science.

Biology and medicine are increasingly fueled by data, especially data from DNA sequencers.

Information Technology Center (ITC), The University of Tokyo

Intel® PCC at the SDSC is led by Prof. Ross, Dr. Amit Majumdar and Dr. Andreas and focuses on distinct projects.