Enhance Application Security

Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) is a set of instructions that increases the security of application code and data, giving them more protection from disclosure or modification. Developers can partition sensitive information into enclaves, which are areas of execution in memory with more security protection.

A New Approach

Help protect selected code and data from disclosure or modification. Partition applications into enclaves in memory that increase security. Enclaves have hardware-assisted confidentiality and integrity-added protections to help prevent access from processes at higher privilege levels. Through attestation services, a relying party can receive some verification on the identity of an application enclave before launch. With these capabilities, your applications are prepared for more security.

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What Customers Are Doing

Microsoft Azure* Confidential Computing with Intel SGX

Learn how Microsoft* is collaborating with Intel to enhance security in the cloud, helping keep data and code more protected while in use.

Advanced Cloud Capabilities

Learn how IBM leverages Intel SGX to help protect data in-use with IBM Cloud* Data Shield.

Runtime Encryption Technology in the Cloud

Fortanix* leverages Intel SGX enclaves to enable an environment that increases protection for keys, data, and applications.

Use Cases

Key Management

Use enclaves to help manage cryptographic keys and provide HSM-like functionality.


Help increase privacy and security for transaction processing, consensus, smart contracts, and key storage.

Privacy-Enhancing Analytics & Workloads

Provide additional privacy and enable isolation for multiparty joint computation on sensitive data.

Applications at Runtime

Run unmodified applications within enclaves.

Hardware-Enhanced Content Protection

Aid content owners with protecting their intellectual property through unaltered or unmodified streaming.

Enhanced Application & Data Protection

For increased protection, assist with running secure code and isolating data.

Edge Computing

Assist with securing IoT edge devices to cloud and client communications.

Digital Wallet

Provide more defense to help secure payments and transactions.

Communications & Messaging

Help secure communications between the sender and recipient.

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