Evasion Raises the Bar for Explosive Real-Time FX in VR


Evasion is an intense sci-fi shooter that will raise the bar for environmental destruction and explosive real-time FX in VR. Taking full advantage of the Intel® Core™ i7 processor, Evasion is poised to deliver stunning cinematic visuals and genre-defining gameplay.


Hi. My name is Jennifer Dowding. I work for Archiact. And we are showing Evasion here at GDC. Evasion is an intense multiplayer VR shooter where teams of players can get in and fight against an enemy called the Optera. It's VR. It's looking incredible today on the HTC Vive* Pro. And we think it's the next generation of VR gaming.

And we're working with Intel on making it even better for the i7 processor. So there's more destruction, more physics, more explosions, and it looks very high quality on the i7. And we're actually showing for the first time all four of our classes. So we have four classes that players can try out with four full-body IKenima*-based avatars with all different weapons and skills. You can learn about Evasion at evasionvrgame.com. We're also on Twitter* and Facebook* or on Reddit*. Check it out.

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