Fast, Lightweight, Scalable MPI Performance Analysis


Developers of modern high performance computing (HPC) applications face a challenge when scaling out their hybrid (MPI/OpenMP*) applications. Cluster sizes continue to grow, the amount of analysis data collected can easily become overwhelming when going from tens to thousands of ranks, and it’s tough to identify which are the key metrics to track. There is a need for a visual tool that aggregates the performance data in a simple and intuitive way, provides advice on next optimization steps, and homes in on performance issues. In this webinar, we’ll discuss a brand new tool that helps quickly gather and analyze statistics up to 100,000 ranks. We’ll give examples of the type of information provided by the MPI Performance Snapshot, including memory and counter usage, MPI and OpenMP* imbalance analysis, and total communication vs. computation time. We’ll feature screenshots of the tool running in real time and showcase some of its runtime and filtering capabilities.




Product and Performance Information


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