Intel® Developer Zone Update: July 2017


In this episode we cover some of the things that Intel showcased at E3 2017, including the new Intel® Core i9 Extreme Edition processor, which we showed off by doing a mixed reality and mega tasking demo featuring a first look at Multiverse's Seeking Dawn, a large scale FPS/RPG VR game!

We also announced that the new multiplayer VR eSport game Echo Arena will be available for free to all Oculus Rift owners on 7/20 and going on for three months after the release!

We also got a look at the Linkin Park Destination, an experience powerd by Spatialand, and Intel® technology!


I'm Stephanie Essin, and this is the Intel Developer Zone update. In this episode, we'll see what Intel announced at E3 and tell you about some events coming up. Links are below to learn more. At E3 2017, Intel showcased extraordinary PC gaming, virtual reality, eSports experiences, and shared where the PC gaming industry is headed next. 

Some of the things we were most excited about was the showcasing of the new Intel Core i9 Extreme Edition processor. We showed the power of the i9 through a mixed reality and mega-tasking demonstration with Multiverse's Seeking Dawn, a large scale FPS RPG VR game. The i9 features 18 cores and 36 threads of power, making it Intel's most powerful desktop processor ever. 

Intel's Gregory Bryant announced the release of Ready at Dawn's echo arena, a multiplayer VR gaming title. Intel will make the game available for free to all Oculus Rift owners for three months, starting on July 20th. Next we saw Linkin Park who virtually joined Intel's press conference at E3 to announce Linkin Park Destination, a VR experience for the band's fans, powered by Spatialand and Intel technology. Gregory Bryant also showcased the power of the Intel Core i7x series processor with a mega-tasking demonstration, featuring Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch. Don't forget to visit the Intel newsroom to see more announcements from E3. 

The IPCC, Parallel Software Workshop, is coming up July 13th. The day will feature a series of talks and poster sessions alongside networking opportunities and break outs. Also coming up, SIGGRAPH 2017 will be happening July 30th to August 3rd in Los Angeles. Join us for five days of exploring tomorrow's technologies alongside the industry's established leaders and emerging challengers. 

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