My Experience Tuning Big Data Workloads and Configurations


For big data and analytics workloads, performance improvement is critical. Learn about my experience using Intel® VTune™ Amplifier platform profiler to identify performance bottlenecks, mitigate them and arrive at an optimal configuration. As distributed systems get more complex and the use of large clusters increases, end-users and customers need to become familiar with these tools and methodologies to get the best performance and TCO for their investment.

Product and Performance Information


Intel's compilers may or may not optimize to the same degree for non-Intel microprocessors for optimizations that are not unique to Intel microprocessors. These optimizations include SSE2, SSE3, and SSSE3 instruction sets and other optimizations. Intel does not guarantee the availability, functionality, or effectiveness of any optimization on microprocessors not manufactured by Intel. Microprocessor-dependent optimizations in this product are intended for use with Intel microprocessors. Certain optimizations not specific to Intel microarchitecture are reserved for Intel microprocessors. Please refer to the applicable product User and Reference Guides for more information regarding the specific instruction sets covered by this notice.

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