What Is Intel® Optimization for Caffe*


Caffe* is a deep learning framework that is useful for convolutional and fully connected networks, and recently recurrent neural networks were added. There are various forks of Caffe branches that cover a variety of tasks.

Optimized for Intel® architecture, Intel® Optimization for Caffe* offers all the goodness of main Caffe with the addition of CPU optimized functionality and multi-node distributor training.

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How to Install Intel® Optimization for Caffe*

Training and Deploying Deep Learning Networks with Intel® Optimization for Caffe*

This tutorial provides detailed instructions on how to build Intel® Optimization for Caffe*, train deep network models using one or more compute nodes, and deploy networks. In addition, various functionalities of Caffe are explored in detail including how to fine-tune, extract and view features of different models, and use the Caffe Python* API.

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