Intel® VTune™ Amplifier, Intel® Advisor, and Intel® Inspector now include Cross-OS support

Publicado:01/23/2017   Última actualización:01/23/2017

Starting with 2017 update 2 of Intel Parallel Studio XE, Intel VTune Amplifier XE, Intel® Advisor and Intel® Inspector, any developer with a currently supported license will be able to use the tools on all supported operating systems. The default download will remain the same, but additional operating systems will be available for optional download from the Intel Registration Center.


What licenses does this cover?

All licenses with current support.  This includes Intel VTune Amplifier XE (Windows* and Linux*), Intel Parallel Studio XE (Professional and Cluster editions), Intel System Studio (Professional and Ultimate editions), and Intel Media Server Studio.

Do I need a new license or license file?

No, not if your support is current. Just download the appropriate update.

What operating systems?

All operating systems supported by the product.

For Intel VTune Amplifier XE, this means:

•        Data collection and user interface: Windows and Linux

•        User interface only: MacOS*

For Advisor and Inspector:

•        Data collection and user interface: Windows and Linux

How do I get the other operating systems?

Visit the Intel Registration Center and download what you need.

When buying a studio, which operating system should I buy?

Purchase your target operating system. For example, if you are targeting Linux, buy Linux. You can get the analysis tools for other operating systems as optional downloads.

How do I use/install products with a license for another OS?

The same way as today. Activate products in the same way, with either a license file, a serial number, or a license server. The tool will accept licenses from any supported OS.

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