What’s New

This release offers many performance improvements.

  • Faster machine learning with XGBoost* and scikit-learn*. Advanced machine learning usages, including multiple devices, with daal4py
  • Data parallel Python is a set of packages essential for data parallel Python development. It includes dpctl, the package for controlling execution on multiple devices and for data management. Data parallel Python also includes dpnp (data parallel numeric Python), a device-accelerated package compatible with dpctrl
  • Scikit-ipp for image warping, image filtering, and morphological operations. It includes support for multithreading of transform functions and partial multithreading for filters using OpenMP*
  • An improved Numba* compiler to accelerate custom Python code targeted to CPU and GPU execution
  • Scalable Dataframe Compiler (SDC)—the extension of Numba that accelerates pandas operations

Release Notes

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