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In this article, guidance is given to use codesys

TensorFlow* and Intel® oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library (oneDNN) optimized container for Intel® Xeon® processors with MPI* and Horovod* on Ubuntu*.

TensorFlow* and Intel® oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library (oneDNN) optimized with Open MPI*, Horovod*, and Jupyter Notebook*; Ubuntu*.

OpenMP* Offload Basics

Learn the fundamentals of using OpenMP* offload directives to target GPUs through hands-on practice in this guided learning path.

Learn the essentials of Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) programming language for use in heterogeneous computing through hand-on practice.

Speed AI development with tools for DL training, inference, and data analytics.

This video introduces how to use the Intel® Trace Collector to detect errors in MPI applications.

Explore Training for oneAPI

Access learning paths, code samples, webinars replays, and technical guides relating to oneAPI.

Academic Program for oneAPI

For universities and students, this program includes access to Intel® oneAPI hardware and accelerators.

Sign up for the latest resources on the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit, Data-Parallel C++ (DPC++), and more.

Migrate existing CUDA code to Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) code. This tool is included in the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit.


XGBoost is a scalable, portable, and distributed gradient boosting (GBDT, GBRT, or GBM) library for Python*, R*, Java*, Scala*, C++ and more.