An Introduction to the Roofline Feature in Intel® Advisor 2017


This video provides a full explanation of the cache-aware Roofline feature introduced into Advisor 2017 update 1 as a preview feature. The video explains the concept of the roofline for complete beginners and walks through the process of interpreting the various types of roofline results that can be encountered.

The sample code can be downloaded from the resources tab.


  • As of 2017 update 2, where Roofline became an official feature, much of the required setup shown in this video, such as setting environment variables, is no longer necessary.
  • Roofline, as currently implemented, does not automatically show previous results alongside new data. The reason the old loops continue to display in this video is that the code producing them was left untouched; in this sample code, no loop is ever actually edited. Instead, new loops that are identical to old ones except for optimizations are simply added.


Download Video[MP4 58.8MB]

Download Sample Code [ZIP 22.0KB]

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