"Attach debugger?" Message

Problem :
After running an VTune™ Amplifier XE 2011 data analysis from within Microsoft* Visual Studio*, you may see a dialog box with the caption "Attach debugger?" and the message

<type 'exceptions.ImportError'> No module name pythonhelpers1 <string>(1): <module>


Pressing Yes or No usually results in the display of the collected data.  Sometimes the dialog is NOT displayed and in those cases the data may not be displayed.

Environment : 
Microsoft* Windows*

Root Cause : 
There is a compatibility issue with the current releases of Intel® Parallel Amplifier 2011 and VTune Amplifier XE.  Both tools use different versions of a DLL and the version used by Parallel Amplifier is not compatible with VTune Amplifier XE.  If that version is loaded by Visual Studio, VTune Amplifier XE cannot load the newer version of the DLL, which is required for correct operation.

Resolution : 
Until a fix is available, closing down Visual Studio*, restarting it, and using VTune Amplifier XE prior to any other activity should resolve the issue for the duration of the Visual Studio invocation.  The problem arises when Parallel Amplifier functionality is used prior to VTune Amplifier XE in the same Visual Studio session.

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