Developer Ignite #2

Thanks to everyone who attended Developer Ignite 2!

Developer Ignite is an information exchange event for software developers to connect and share topics that are of interest to them. Developer Ignite's are highly technical events and topics are centered on relevant and important information to software developers. For more information on Ignite, please take a look at the O'Reilly Ignite site.

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Geek Week AZ 2009
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Event Presentations
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Event Master of Ceremonies:
Bill Pearson (@billpearson)
Title: "Introduction to Developer Ignite 2"

Alan Dayley (@dayleyagile)
Title: "The True Measure of Agile"
Abstract: The Agile wave is washing over the software development world and lapping at the shores of all creative endeavors. There are buzzwords, expensive software and training consultants a-plenty! What does it really mean to be Agile, with a capital "A"? If you have daily stand-up meetings and iterations, are you Agile or just covering old ways in trendy veneer. Iterations or not, you are Agile ONLY if your actions support the principles of the Agile Manifesto. Let's take a quick look at the practical implications of THE yard stick of Agility. If your actions support this powerful statement of human interaction, you are Agile, even if your daily "stand up" involves chairs!

Submitter: Tomasz Stechly (@tstechly)
Title: "The Benefits of Immutability"
Abstract: Impact of immutable data on unit testing, debugging, and concurrency.

Submitter: Saul Mora (@casademora)
Title: "Refactoring Databases"
Abstract: Just like your code, your data model can and should be refactored. Don't let the big scary gremlins talk you out of cleaning out the cruft from your database every so often. Your users will thank you for it.

Submitter: Derek Neighbors (@dneighbors)
Title: "Location, Location, Location - It's Not Just a Real Estate Mantra Anymore"
Abstract: Global Positioning System (GPS) has been around for fifty years, but with the rise of GPS enabled mobile platform it has just started to gain real traction. The Internet allowed for easy global commerce and communication, but GPS enabled mobile devices are bring back the emphasis of local. There is so much data available to us that localizing it helps make it manageable. If you are developing applications today you need to understand the value of location.

Submitter: Leo Godin (@leogodin217)
Title: "Keep Your Apps, I Want A Solution"
Abstract: Corporate American and the Internet are inundated with stand alone applications and tools. These tools mostly fall short in that they are not part of a solution. They are stand alone tools with no connection to the surrounding infrastructure. These tools often have no support model and no useful documentation/training. As such, these tools often fall into disuse and obscurity. What makes this common problem so frustrating is that it does not take much more work to provide a solution than it does to provide an application. With a little more effort your applications can move from being viewed as utilities to being part of vital business critical solutions.

Submitter: Nick Crohn (@ohnomisterbill)
Title: "JavaScript: Not Just for Noobs Anymore"
Abstract: JavaScript is the outcast of the programming world, but it has so much more power than developers give it and more usefulness than designers know what to do with. The trick is writing "transparent JavaScript."
Keep it simple and you can write good JavaScript that is efficient, non-intrusive and functional. You get the "flashiness", the SEO, and a great site that just works.

Submitter: Drew LeSueur (@drewlesueur)
Title: "Hooked on Web Hooks"
Abstract: Webhooks jail break web apps to make them more programmable. Simple put, they are a pattern of enabling user defined HTTP callbacks in web applications. My talk will talk about why they are important, what problems they solve, and how they will change the world.

Submitter: Chris Conrey (@conrey)
Title: "Dogfood, Itches, and Other Reasons To Write Software for You"
Abstract: Rather than trying to build something for everyone - the best software pieces have often been developed in house as a way to solve the team or the developer's own problem. Odds are if you have a problem, there are several other people who have the same problem but not the means to make it happen. In 5 minutes I'll explain why you should scratch your own itch, eat your own dogfood, and let the rest of the world come to you.

Submitter: James Abel (@jamesabel)
Title: "Crowd Sourcing Platform Feature Research Data"
Abstract: Knowing what platform configurations and features are (or are not) used is very valuable when determining what your software can assume will be on a platform, and if a particular platform has enough of a market presence to justify porting to. In this talk, I will go over a system that has been created to automatically survey platform data, such as disk space, DRAM, operating system, number and type of processors, supported instruction sets, etc.. I will discuss the client-side data collector and server-side RESTful interface and its (rudimentary) graphing capability of the collected data.

Submitter: remi Taylor (@remitaylor)
Title: "Bleeding Edge Application Deployment (that doesn't suck)"
Abstract: Deployment doesn't have to be painful. In fact, deployment should be something that application developers don't even have to think about! If you think that creating a virtual server and running automated configuration scripts is "easy," then you don't know what you're missing out on!

Submitter: Barry Stahl (@bsstahl)
Title: "AZGiveCamp - Geeks Giving Back to the Community"
Abstract: AZGiveCamp is a massive weekend event where the software development community comes together to support charities and non-profits by developing or improving their web sites and applications. It's fun, it's agile, it's geeky, and it's good for the community. This talk will provide a brief history of GiveCamps, and then explore the technical aspects of what can be accomplished in one crazy weekend.

Submitter: Clayton Lengel-Zigich (@claytonlz)
Title: "Age-Old Solutions to Everyday Problems"
Abstract: While nearly 2,500 years old, Aesop's fables still pack a potent punch of prudent practicality. These tales from Ancient Greece contain advice and guidance for everyday software engineering problems, pitfalls and predicaments. Learn how you can use this age-old wisdom to progress past your plodding professional peers.


Past Developer Ignite Events
To see all the fun we had at Developer Ignite #1, view our Developer Ignite #1 page. Also, you can view a short overview video of our 1st event or view the entire presentation portion of the Developer Ignite #1 here in 7 parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, and Part 7.

This event was held at:
Gilbert Community Center | Map it!
130 N Oak St, Gilbert, AZ 85233
November 11, 2009, 6-9PM MST

Special Thanks
A special thanks to Derek Neighbors from area hangout Gangplank HQ for helping promote the event and obtaining our venue! Also, thanks to Socialping for providing the live Twitter feed for the event.

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