Enabling Power Event Interception Notification Code Sample

What is this code sample?

The code download illustrates a technique for getting Power Event notification from the operating system. This method is primarily aimed at controlling power on Intel® x86 based systems actively running SpeedStep® Technology during performance tuning. It is particularly useful where use of Read Time Stamp Counter (RDTSC) instruction varies based on the changing frequencies imposed by Intel® SpeedStep® Technology.

Target Audience

All software and device driver developers interested in performance tuning, and performance monitoring as a part of that process. You should have (at minimum) a simple understanding of:

  • Power Management under the Microsoft Windows* XP
  • Intel® SpeedStep® technology
  • Microsoft Windows XP device driver build methodology and APIs
  • Win32 threading APIs



You will need access to a Windows XP development system, including:

  • the Windows platform SDK
  • Windows XP device driver kit
  • Microsoft Developer Studio 6.0, OR Microsoft .NET Developer Studio


It would also be beneficial to have a debugger such as MS WinDBG or CompuWare SoftICE*

Download Code Sample

Download Whitepaper:
Enabling Power Event Interception Notification and Control in Microsoft Windows XP*


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