Illegal instruction on machine with AMD Jaguar processor

Product : Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL)

Version : Intel® MKL 11.*  including and 11.2 beta

Operating Systems affected: Windows* OS, Linux * OS and OS X*

Reference Number :  DPD200521692

Problem Description : 

The Intel MKL crashes on with the message “illegal instruction detected” on machines with AMD Jaguar Processors. The exact CPU models are AMD A6-5200 and AMD A4-1250 and probably on another  the similar CPU from AMD.

The issue is caused by error in MKL CPU dispatching. The  issue was escalated and confirmed by MKL  Team and would be fixed into one of the nearest updates. The article would be updated as soon as the fix would be officially released. 

Workaround: as a temporarily workaround, we recommend  to set the "MKL_CBWR=SSE4_2" environment variable to use the branch of the code workable on these system.

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