Known Issues for the Intel® HTML5 Development Environment

Table of Content

  1. Problems Starting the Intel® HTML5 Development Environment
  2. Device Emulator Issues
  3. General IDE Issues
  4. Dashboard Issues

19 November 2012

  1. Problems Starting the Intel® HTML5 Development Environment

    Sign-In Issue top

    I see “Welcome to Intel HTML5 Development Environment” but cannot sign in.

    After pressing “Launch the Tool,” a popup may appear asking for your IDZ user name and password. If popups are blocked, then you will instead see:

    Work around:
    Click on the icon in the Chrome address bar to unblock popups. Read about unblocking popups here.

    “Error: User not found.” When Sign-in top

    After I sign in, I see “Error: User not found.”

    You may see this message when there are network connectivity problems. See below for an example.

    Work around:
    Clicking on the link that says “click here to try again” will usually solve the problem.

  2. Device Emulator Issues

    “Device Emulator Time Out” Message top

    When I try to run my application in the device emulator, I see a “Device Emulator Time Out” message. See the image below for an example.

    Work around:
    This is usually caused by network connectivity problems. Try pressing the wait button. If that does not work, check to be sure your internet connection is working by visiting another web page.

    Video tag not work in Device Emulator top

    The device emulator may not work for applications that include video files as a part of the project. The symptom is a video that will not play.

    Folder Context Menu "Run in Device Emulator" and "Preview in Browser" top

    The Folder Tree Context Menu "Run in Device Emulator" and "Preview in Browser" are enabled for all files but only the .htm and .html files are currently supported by these functions.

  3. General IDE Issues

    Supported Keyboard Shortcuts top

    The keyboard shortcuts shown by the [Help] > [Keyboard Shortcuts] menu item are slightly different than the shortcuts shown in the Getting Started Guide:

    Missing Shortcut Keys for Mac* top

    The keyboard shortcuts documented in the Getting Started Guide are missing Mac keyboard shortcuts. Please see the [Help] > [Keyboard Shortcuts] dialog box for Mac shortcut keys:

    [File] > [Open] not work top

    The [File] > [Open] menu item does not work. It opens an input field but nothing happens.

    Work around:
    Double-click the file of interest to open it in the edit window of the IDE.

    Loading File Very Slow When Double-click On a File top

    Sometimes when opening a file with double-click, it just sits there loading. Sometimes the file opened is empty.

    Work around:
    Close the Cloud9* IDE browser window, and relaunch it.

  4. Dashboard Issues

    “Delete Account” Not Work top

    When I press “Delete your account” it does not delete my account.

    You cannot delete an account at this time.

    File Menu Ctrl-N shortcut does not work. top

    The file menu shows Ctrl-N as a shortcut for creating a new file or directory. On most browsers Ctrl-N will open a new windows. Use the File menu to create new folders or directories.

    Duplication of Project Folder and Files top

    In the workspace file/folder tree I see two copies (duplicates) of my directories. See the image below for an example.

    Despite the duplicates in the file/folder tree, there is only one copy of your directories on the system.

    Work around:
    Refreshing the file/folder tree display will usually make the duplicates go away. Press on the gear at the upper right of the file/folder tree and select “Refresh Project Tree.”

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