Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) for Windows* - Building Project Files for Intel® IPP Sample Code

Most of Intel® IPP samples provide the batch files ( .bat files) and makefiles to build sample code. Starting from the makefiles and batch files, we can manually build Microsoft* Visual C++*  project files:

  • Build one empty project and add the sample source files into the project.
  • Read the makefile to understand the include paths; add these include paths into the project.
  • Add the library files into your project. These library files include both Intel IPP libraries and Windows* libraries that the sample code uses. You can also refer to the makefile to understand which libraries are required.
  • Some samples define the Preprocessor Definitions Macros ( for example, /D "xxxx" ) in the makefile. For these samples, add Preprocessor Definitions Macros into the project at Projects » C/C++ » Preprocessor » Preprocessor Definitions

To understand how to add including paths and linking library into your project, please refer to the document Compiling and Linking with Microsoft* Visual C++* and Intel® C++ Compilers.

For the Intel IPP media processing (UMC) sample code and most of sample, we have ready MSVC project. Please see New Microsoft* Visual C++* project files available in IPP samples

Operating System:

Windows* XP Professional, Windows Server* 2003, Windows* 2000 Server
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