Intel® Xeon Phi™ Advanced Workshop Labs

This is a set of labs we taught during past workshops, intended to cover more advanced concepts. These are written so that you should be able to guide yourself. The labs are available are both in C/C++ and Fortran.

Before you attempt to run these labs, make sure your environment is properly set up.


Instruction Manuals

Code Samples (C/C++ and Fortran)

Debugging C/C++         Fortran Name: debugging-lab-*.tar.gz
Memory C/C++         Fortran Name: memory-lab-*.tar.gz
Intel® Math Kernel Library (MKL) C/C++         Fortran Name: intel-mkl-mic-lab-*.tar.gz
Intel® MPI Library C/C++         Fortran Name: intel-mpi-lab-*.tar.gz
Tuning C/C++         Fortran Name: tuning-lab-*.tar.gz
Vectorization C/C++         Fortran Name: vectorization-lab-*.tar.gz
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