Mobilizing Applications: Adapting to Available Network Bandwidth--code sample

by Fred Cooper
Intel Engineer, Software Enabling Group

Why Should I Care About This Code Sample?

This is a sample application, UDPNetSample, which demonstrates the UDP method of measuring network bandwidth.

This sample application links to a library, INetBWUdp, which has a simple API for requesting network bandwidth. It is in this library, INetBWUdp, where the network bandwidth detection is accomplished. The simple API is defined in the INetBWApi.h file, where each function and its parameters are described.

The source code to this library is also included, where the main class CSocketMgr handles all the packets exchanged as well as the actual test measurements.

Implementation Language

Target Hardware & Software Platforms:

Hardware Systems:
IA-32 platforms

Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows* 2000, and Windows XP

Microsoft Visual Studio* 6.0

Download the source code

Whitepaper: Mobilizing Applications: Adapting to Available Network Bandwidth


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