Performance and Portability Benefits of Ct


Intel Ct is scalable to large problems. The runtime manages data to directly address memory bottlenecks. Furthermore, the Intel Ct runtime compilation process eliminates modularity overhead. There is automatic fusion of multiple operations – something an expert developer would have had to do themselves.

Intel Ct not only uses Intel TBB for threading but also generates vectorized instructions to take advantage of parallelism inside each individual core. These vectorized instructions are tailored for the architecture in question.

Intel Ct has a wide variety of performance-driven application libraries for FFTs, BLAS, LAPACK, Statistical Functions, and Image Processing that will call optimized Intel implementations for you.


– You code at a high, abstract level with Intel Ct. Coding at this level avoids dependencies on particular hardware mechanisms or architectures.

– With one executable you can immediately port to new architectures, regardless of number of cores or instruction set. In other words, a common binary can exploit different ISA extensions transparently.

– Intel Ct allows migration and forward-scaling. It will support Intel® AVX (Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions) future multi-core and manycore processors.

• You write simple parallel algorithms in standard C++ with Intel Ct
• It allows you to deliver top performance on Intel Architecture today
• Intel Ct intermixes with other parallel programming models and tools

Intel Ct extends the many choices that Intel provides for Parallel Computing.

What is new and different? Do we really need another programming model?

The fact remains that as the number of cores increase, it becomes harder and harder to take advantage of parallelism. Intel Ct emphasizes ease of use.

Many-core architectures offer unprecedented opportunities for differentiation:

 Model-based applications - New functionalities enriching the user’s experience.
 Improved quality - Higher resolution/accuracy in results.
 Increased usability - Raw power to fuel more sophisticated usage models.

As the opportunities in the variety of multicore processors increase, the opportunities to increase performance increase. Intel Ct enables you to take advantage of whatever performance opportunities exist.

Einzelheiten zur Compiler-Optimierung finden Sie in unserem Optimierungshinweis.