Iridium Studios: Voice Commands, FPS, and Intel® RealSense™

Note:  If you're interested in Intel® RealSense™, then you'll want to check out the 2014 Intel® RealSenseApp Challengea contest intended to encourage innovative apps that take advantage of everything that perceptual computing has to offer.

The 2014 Intel Level Up Game Developer Contest is open...NOW!

I'm super excited for another season of Level Up.  You'll notice a subtle but important change in the name from "Intel Level Up Game DEMO Contest" to "Intel Level Up Game DEVELOPER Contest".  We recieved feedback last year that the term "demo" carries more weight amongst would be participants - many people thought we were looking for polished, consumer ready "demos".  What we are in fact looking for are innovative signs of life, playable proofs of concept, prototypes and basically anything up to but not including released games.

2014 Intel Cup ESDC Training and Technical Resource

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Training and technical resource for 2014 Intel Cup Embedded System Design Contest

Download and learn the following training and technical materials about the contest platform and related technologies. If you have any technical question, please use the contest forum.

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  • Virtualens: How We Made Our Project for Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge

    September 23 at 23:59 GMT was the deadline for submission of Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge projects. We squeaked in at the last minute, and we can’t wait to know the results. Instead of going crazy waiting, I decided to write about our project and how we prepared for this contest. 

    Fair warning: this isn’t necessarily a success story. Nobody can predict if our project will succeed or not. Many things could happen that we aren’t able to anticipate. Whether we win or lose, we hope that our story will be of some use to other developers.

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  • Intel® Gaming Challenge Contest

    Due to the unfortunate events unfolding in Kenya, this event is postponed from September 28th to October 12th.

    Date: October 12th, 2013 9:00am to 10:00pm

    Location: The iHub | 4TH Floor Bishop Magua Building | Nairobi, Kenya

    Grand Prizes: 5 Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 10.1-inch for the winning team and 5 Asus Fonepad* Tablets for the runners up team .

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  • The 2013 Intel™ App Innovation Contest: A Unique Developer Opportunity

    Contests and developers seem to go hand in hand. These last few months have seen a virtual plethora of interesting challenges; anything from the Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge to the seven-week long Ultimate Coder: Going Perceptual saga to the currently running 2013 Intel™ App Innovation Contest.

    About the Contest

    Ideias selecionadas para a primeira fase do Perceptual Challenge - Parte 1 (1-10)

    Depois de muitas ideias boas submetidas e de muito trabalho para julgar todas (afinal foram 103 propostas), segue abaixo a primeira parte da lista de ideias que foram selecionadas. Meus parabéns aos participantes.

    Participante: Karl Phillip Purnhagen Ehlers Peixoto Dittrich Buhr

    Ganhadores da primeira fase do Perceptual Challenge Brasil

    Depois de muito trabalho e discussão (o que é ótimo, já que recebemos muitas idéias boas) segue a lista dos vencedores da primeira fase do Perceptual Challenge Brasil:

    Alessandro de Oliveira Faria (A.K.A.CABELO)

    Alexandre Ribeiro da Silva

    Alexandre Winetzki

    Anderson Bergamini Sensolo

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