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Link error with icpc when using Boost* 1.51+ MPL library and g++*


Link error with icpc: when linking object files compiled with icpc & g++* along with Boost* MPL library 1.51 or above, as shown in the sample test case below:

%cat t.h
#include <boost/mpl/vector.hpp>
template<typename T> struct my;
void foo(my<boost::mpl::vector<> >* = 0);

%cat u.cpp
#include "t.h"
int main() { foo();}

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  • Inspector XE 2013 changed the usage of appdebug option

    We know that Inspector XE has realized the connection to GDB seamlessly when Inspector detects an error, I described the usage in this article for Inspector XE 2011. However if you try this function on Inspector XE 2013 according to my blog, will meet below error:

    # inspxe-cl -collect mi3 -knob appdebug=on-error -- ./test_memory.gcc
    Error: Cannot find knob appdebug. Use -knob-list to see available knobs.

    А пишут ли ещё на Си++?

    Для меня это вопрос странен. Ответ: конечно да, и ещё долго будут писать. Однако время от времени, мне задают этот вопрос на конференциях или при общении на форумах. Я решил дать на него небольшой письменный ответ, чтобы в дальнейшем иметь возможность ответить одной ссылкой.

    Мы разрабатываем инструмент анализа кода PVS-Studio для разработчиков Си/Си++ приложений. Иногда меня спрашивают, почему именно для этих языков, ведь Си/Си++ это старый язык, на котором мало кто пишет. Когда я говорю, что это весьма популярный язык и широко используется, они искренне удивляются.

    GELS produces the wrong result with sequential version

    Problem Description:


    We have a number of customers report regarding incorrect behavior of GELS in Intel® MKL 11.0 if sequential library is linked.

    Customer’s quote:”When I compile and run this program with Intel® Fortran Composer XE 2013(**), the output is totally wrong. Compiling and running with Intel FORTRAN Composer XE 2011 (*) gives the correct results.”

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  • What Caused the issues on Intel Android* Jelly Bean System Image Source Unzip and Decompression When Using WinRAR or Winzip on Windows?

    You are a developer using a Windows system ( Windows 8, 7 or even older) to develop your Android* app. You want to use Intel Android* system image source to compile your own version of Android* for either emulator or VirtualBox.

    Building NCAR Graphics* with the Intel® compilers


    This guide is intended to help Intel® C++ Compiler and Intel® Fortran Compiler customers build the NCAR Graphics* library. NCAR Graphics is an open source library for drawing maps, graphs, and plots. More information about NCAR Graphics can be found at

    Version information

    NCAR Graphics 6.1.2
    Intel® C++ Compiler for Linux* 2013 SP1 Update 2
    Intel® Fortran Compiler for Linux* 2013 SP1 Update 2

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  • MKL VSL example for grouppooledcovariance (vsldgrouppooledcovariance.f) failed with PGI threading layer.

    Problem Description:

    Grouppooledcovariance example crashs with segmentation fault with PGI threading layer on all platforms due to error in PGI support of OpenMP order clause.

    We can see this example “vsldgrouppooledcovariance.f” into the following directory MKL_ROOT>\examples\vslf\source\". This example shows how to calculates of group/poopled covariances.

     The issue number is DPD2002622493

     Root Cause:

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