Intel AMT Developer Tool Kit v0.24 Source Code

With the latest release of the Intel AMT Developer Tool Kit, we added another downloadable package with some C# source code. This source, mostly exactly the same used by the DTK console and agent tools. The source provided is not the entire source code to the DTK tools, but it does contain a lot of what developers need to quickly build new Intel AMT compatible applications.

The most important portion of the source contains what I call the Intel AMT Remote Stack. It's all the code needed to build a console application. Basically, I started by generating C# web services classes from the Intel AMT SDK and built wrapper classes around each of the web services interfaces. The wrapper classes perform two important functions: They abstract the web services interface into higher level objects, and provide selective caching to boost performance.

The other portion that is released in source code form is a fully working VT100/ANSI terminal for use with Serial-over-LAN. It contains the VT100 state machine and all the code needed to actually draw each character on the screen correctly. This is quite a big deal since developers can customize this terminal code to integrate well within an existing application.

The source code provides C# wrapper classes around the 3rd Party Storage library and Redirection Libraries. Just for that, I expect many developers to jump on downloading this new package. You can use these wrapper classes to easily build a Microsoft .NET application that does IDE redirection to Intel AMT.

There is plenty more in there, like the classes I built to perform TCP-over-Serial-over-LAN, a feature that is most likely unique to the DTK.

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