What? A Graphics Software Developer Community at Intel?

Intel Software Network Graphics Developer Community  

I come from the land of beefy workstations. When I first began animating and training cel animators to use digital tools, workstations cost about the same as animators and trainers. It's a different, thankfully cheaper, world these days. I can now proudly say I am worth more than the machine I work and play on.

A lot of innovations have gotten us to this point. In some cases, the technology at the top has trickled down to more inexpensive parts, in other cases, mass-market ideas have moved the entire industry upwards.I was skeptical of Integrated, mass-market solutions, I still am. If I'm going to create my own animation on Softimage|XSI or Maya, or play the latest video game at full res with all the graphic bells and whistles turned on at a smooth frame rate -- I'm going to shell out some decent money for a high-end graphics card. No question.

But what about the other 90-odd percent of graphics-dependent applications out there? What about the games that don't require all those ray-traced, HD-everything bells and whistles to be enjoyed? And what about the photo-editors, the word processors, and even a lot of the consumer video-editors? As a consumer, does it really make sense to pay extra for something that might just be onboard for free? As a developer, does it make sense not to open your application up to the widest possible audience?

The Graphics Developers Community is officially live! Along with making available all the developer information I can find inside Intel's walls, I'll be scouring the web for interesting graphics news and info and I'll post as much of that info as I can on the site as well.

Have a read! I look forward to your comments!

All the best,

- Pitz

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Steve Pitzel, Graphics Community Manager, ISN
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