16Gb RAM - Dell Mobile Precision Workstation M6400

I have been running a notebook with 4Gb of memory for some time now and was aware of Dell enabling one of their workstation laptops to expand the memory to 8Gb which is the amount of memory I have in my desktop workstation today. 8Gb of memory is certainly an excellent amount of memory to have access to if you plan to use virtualization technologies such as the Hyper-V components of Windows Server 2008.

If a mobile workstation with 8Gb of memory would be useful for virtualization then imagine one with 16Gb of memory. That's right, 16Gb of memory within a mobile platform!!!

The Dell Mobile Precision M6400 is configurable with 16Gb of memory using four DDR3 1066MHz SDRAM DIMMS although with an upgrade price tag of $3,540 for the DIMMS alone it is unlikely we'll see many users with 16Gb in their notebooks anytime soon.

What is interesting though is that this probably is a good indicator of the level of hardware that we will be using within a few years at more reasonable price points.

More information on the Dell M6400 including the specs can be found on the product page here.

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