MIDs getting a real workout on MID Moves

If you're a developer on mobile internet devices (MIDs), or just a fan, you should check out the MID Moves site that launches this week. I love this site not just because they're playing around with some great new systems straight from CES that I haven't even seen yet, but because... well... it isn't Intel.

While Intel blogs and social media efforts have come a long way in being honest and open (versus just propaganda and spin), there is just some ground we can never close. The reality is that Intel signs my paycheck and I live in this crazy world every day. There's only so much distance and objectivity I can provide.

With MID Moves we've given 8 devices to several technical bloggers to let them play and post their honest opinions and feedback. What works, what doesn't, what they like, what needs fixing... and Intel's marketing department has no hand in what they say.

All we're asking is that they take a balanced assessment. We fully expect that things won't be perfect and there will be things they won't like. To me, part of this opportunity is not just to show off what we think are some very interesting devices, but to find out where we can make them better. These bloggers really know their technology and working (and playing) while mobile, so I'm anticipating seeing a lot of angles I'd never even considered before.

Which is another great reason you should pay attention - not just to see what tools can do, but what they can't.  If you're a developer, these are ideas and opportunities.

The MID Moves bloggers are:

  • Chippy of UMPCPortal, who has been tracking the MID and ultra mobile computing scene for nearly three years. Follow @Chippy on Twitter.

  • Jenn Lee of Pocketables brings her experience with, of course, pocketable gadgets. Follow @Pocketables on Twitter.

  • Ewan Spence brings a lot of experience with smartphones, podcasting and mobility. “I am known for my strong views on mobile technology and ensuring accessibility to all” he says in his blog. Follow @ewanspence on Twitter.

  • Nicole Simon is the Web expert among us. She blogs at Cruel to be Kind about everything web, web2.0 and the web beyond that. Follow @NicoleSimon on Twitter.

...and their main site is over at midmoves.com. Check out their updates over the next few weeks, ask any questions you have, and see some of the new devices from CES get a real workover.
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