How to develop apps for Moblin

Rob Bradford talk at oscon
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Rob Bradford gave an excellent talk right after the keynotes on develoment of applications for Moblin. I really like Rob's talks, because he is quite energetic and makes good use of photos in his slides, which don't look at all like most Intel presentation slides.

The content seemed similar to a talk I heard Rob give at the Linux Collaboration Summit this year. It's a really good overview of:

    • What does Moblin look like and how does it appear to the user

    • What are the key components for the Moblin OS

    • Then Rob walks through an example step by step showing the steps for designing a new application for the Moblin user experience (or UX as we call it).

Here are the basic steps of getting an application from concept to finished application.

  • The Sketch - this is the beginning of the dialog between the designer and the developer. And here, Rob introduces some key elements of how you develop a Moblin appication. Here he touches on UI toolkits such as NBTK, which is built on top of GTK and Clutter.

  • The wireframe - an evolution from the sketch, there is more evolution from a basic outline of how things look to how the thing might work with a little more content involved. As part of this step, Rob introduced the Mojito project, where you can get automated interaction with web services such as Twitter, Flickr, etc.

  • The icing - OK, the application is displaying things, it's pulling in content, and now it's time to make it look nice. Let's work on the visual interaction. More iteration is required here with the designer to improve the visual design.

I thought Rob improves on this talk every time I hear him. He seems more relaxed while maintaining his energy.

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