Intel's Ct folks to be at Siggraph

Ct at SIGGRAPH this week, beta sign-ups and class at IDF in September


Two opportunities to meet with us to talk about our product plans for Ct technology are happening – one this week, one in a little more than a month.


This week at SIGGRAPH in New Orleans, several of us from Intel Software's developer products division (DPD) are at the Intel booth to talk with you and take your feedback as we are working toward the first public beta of our product later this year. More information at /en-us/articles/intel-software-network-at-siggraph-2009

So, if you will be at SIGGRAPH in New Orleans this week, August 4-6th, please stop by the Intel booth, and ask for Rita.


You can also meet Anwar Ghuloum our chief architect for the Ct project. Anwar will be on an industry analyst and press panel hosted by Jon Peddie at SIGGRAPH on Wednesday August 5th. More information is available at



Next month – we will be at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco to meet people interested in Ct technology, and to give a few classes. We’ll also unveil more details about our product plans, have demos and provide information on signing up for the beta program (which will begin by the end of the year).

 For more information, see /en-us/data-parallel/ and feel free to drop me an e-mail at

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