We are now part of Intel Corporation

This post was originally published on blogs.rapidmind.com. RapidMind was acquired by Intel Corporation in August of 2009, and the RapidMind Multi-core Platform will merge with Intel Ct technology. Before joining Intel as part of the acquisition, Michael was a co-founder of RapidMind.

We are now part of Intel Corporation, the leader in software development tools for software parallelism and performance. This change is a great development for our customers and for easing the effort in parallel programming. With Intel, our shared vision for enabling parallelism will lead to strengthening our software developer tools for multicore and manycore processors and accelerators. Later this year, we will provide more details about the integration of the RapidMind platform and Intel software products and technologies, including the Intel Ct technology for data parallelism.

We continue to sell the RapidMind platform and we encourage you to contact us to explore your interest in solutions for software parallelism. We respect and strive to preserve and expand the investments our customers have made in our products. You are encouraged to visit the Intel Developer Forum in September 2009 to hear more about Intel software developer tools.

Please sign-up for the Intel data parallel newsletter at intel.com/software/data_parallel to get information direct from us.

Please visit the Intel Software Network for more information. We hope you share our excitement for the future of software parallelism and the benefits of our joining Intel.

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