Visualize this! Intel Cilk Plus SDK

Welcome to Visualize this! the show where we talk about game development. I have an interesting lineup of guests for this year, and if you have guests you would like to hear from, send me note.

My guest today is Barry Tannenbaum Software Engineer and Cilk Developer at Intel. Barry and his team recently released the Cilk PLus SDK and he spoke with me on its value proposition to developers.

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Community News:
1. GDC is coming soon and Visualize this will be broadcasting live from Moscone!! Stay tuned for more details and I finalize my guest list
2. Intel announced its new processors codenamed Sandy bridge. We launched a new micro site on the Intel Software Network with content for game developers and media developers.

Questions :

--tell us about your role at Intel
--Your team recently released the Cilk plus SDK. How is this useful to developers?
--What is the difference between this SDK and the Cilk ++ SDK previously released on what if?
--what are the different tools provided with the new SDK?
--what are the specific issues this SDK strives to solve?
--Are there any technical requirements to use this SDK?
--Where can a user to go get support and download the tool?

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