TweetCap - Linpus MeeGo Touch, Glow on WeTab, Concept Tablet UI Brought to Life

TweetCap is a look back at recent tweets and links shared by us or our friends in the community. Todays tweetcap look at some cool stuff happening with MeeGo including the Linpus Lite Touch Edition for MeeGo, Glow running on the WeTab, and a concept tablet UI proposed by the community then brought to life by @Intelloware.

Linpus Lite- MeeGo Touch Edition

Tweet: @bobduffy: Screenshots of Linpus Lite MeeGo-Touch Edition with MeeGo compliant apps "will be able to include Intel AppUp center."

Context:  Linpus is an open source Linux Solutions Provide and OS software company.  They have developed a version of Linpus running on the MeeGo OS called Linpus Lite and have recently created a tablet version called MeeGo Touch Edition.  Per their site:  

Multi-touch edition is one of the first full Meego-based multi-touch solutions. It is not just an operating system, but also includes a  comprehensive suite of key applications including: an ereader, browser, media player, photo viewer, virtual keyboard and webcam.

There are two interfaces: an icon-based launcher and also a widget desktop; these desktops can be easily swapped between with up and down swipes. 

The included applications are also all customized for multi-touch and ease of use guaranteeing a full browsing, movie watching and music experience. 

The solution is MeeGo 1.1 compliant; it has the user interface and applications all written in QT, and includes the full MeeGo Touch Framework (MTF) with gesture support. By being MeeGo compliant they will be able to include Intel AppUp center. 


Images from Linpus website




Glow on WeTab

Tweet: @bobduffy: "Glow" from AppUp by @Intelloware running on MeeGo tablet (WeTab) via @MeeGoExperts

Context: Glow is an app developed by Intelloware and distributed on AppUp for Windows.  Intelloware recently ported Glow to MeeGo using our SDKs and made an RPM available to @MeeGoExperts who tested it on the WeTab tablet and posted this video.


Tablet UI from Concept to Reality

Tweet1: @mynokiablog: Medley of Concept Awesomeness! Nokia MeeGo Tablet, Windows Phone Tablet, Windows Phone 7 new homescreen

Tweet2: @Intelloware: Inspired by MeeGo Tablet UI concept i decide to implement it in code #MeeGo #Qml #Qt

Context: OK you have to follow this one, and its simply awesome!  Jozef Kocur publishes a UI concept for a Nokia Tablet on March 9th 2011.  This gets picked up in and tweeted and blogged by  others.  Intelloware then codes his idea into reality and posts a video of it on March 17th.

Original blog post and images of Tablet UX Concept:


Video of UI actually working posted by @Intelloware


That's the Tweetcap!

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