Does Parallelism Matter to Hiring Managers?

Kevin Goldmsith, Sr. Software Development Manager,

Professional Digital Imaging Group, Adobe

Do hiring Managers care about Parallelism?

You’re thinking about making changes to your courses; you might even be hard at work figuring out how exactly to integrate parallelism into the entire curriculum.  Maybe you’re trying to sell these changes to your Dean.  It’s hard work, so why exactly are you doing it?  
Probably because you took this job to help students get ahead  and it’s pretty clear that the new job market will demand those skills.

So what are hiring managers looking for?  With his experience  interviewing potential employees for careers as software engineers and computer scientists, Kevin Goldsmith from Adobe Systems is in a position to know.  He believes that a solid background in Parallel Programming could be the key to competitiveness for new graduates.     Kevin has spoken on this topic at the Supercomputing Conferences, as well at Intel Development Forum, San Francisco. 
Whether you agree or disagree, let's start the conversation now. Put your thoughts, ideas and questions in the comment field below. We can discuss them online and then take them up with Kevin, May 17, 10AM PDT, when he appears on the  Teach Parallel show.

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