Qt Creator Plug-in & Other New Features, But Wait There's More To Come

We have some cool new stuff to tell you about but I want to preface that by saying, stay tuned in the next few weeks and months as there's more coming. So watch our blogs and forums, as this update is a snapshot it in time and there are more updates in the coming weeks.

This week of June 5 2011, we have some cool things to tell you about that are now launched.  There are new features to AppUp, new tools to make building apps for AppUp even easier, as well as overall continual improvement with support for evolving technologies. Here's a break-down on what we have for you. Enjoy.


NEW - AppUp Plug-in for Qt Creator

The Intel AppUpTM SDK Plug-in 1.0 for Qt Creator* software provides a set of tools and instructions for Qt Creator IDE for MeeGo development, allowing the developer to stay within the IDE to do many tasks without having to go to the AppUp developer website.  This plug-in puts MeeGo development tools in line with features and support of other program supported IDEs like Visual Studio and Eclipse.  This IDE plug-in allows developers to do the following, directly from Qt Creator.

  • Create new Qt GUI or MeeGo Touch Framework applications for AppUp
  • Integrate SDK authorization code into existing applications
  • Easily obtain Production IDs (GUIDs) for applications
  • Debug applications using the Intel AppUpTM Software Debugger
  • Monitor their applications for the Intel AppUpSM Developer Program from within the Qt Creator environment.
  • Access the Intel AppUpSM Developer Program community from within the Qt Creator environment.

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Broader language support for app submissions

The Intel AppUp developer program is expanding to Germany and Spain.  Applications in German and Spanish can be submitted to the program for validation.   From the submission portal you can now select, English, French, German, and or Spanish for your apps.  You can do this from the any language version of our developer program.  

Expanded language options for app meta data

You can also visit our newly launced German and Spanish versions of the Intel AppUp developer program


Developer Actions
• It is recommended you resubmit your apps if they support these new languages and add in app descriptions etc for those languages.  This only requires to you resubmit the meta i.e. copy for your app in those languages.  You do not need to resubmit the binaries. 



AppUp SDK 1.0 for MeeGo launches (previously beta) 

This AppUp SDK for MeeGo replaces the previous beta SDK.  There are no significant features or capabilities in the SDK to report, however it is recommend all MeeGo developers use this SDK moving forward

Developer Actions
• It is recommended to use the 1.0 SDK for MeeGo for new submissions of MeeGo apps

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• API Docs:

• Release Notes:



AppUp 1.1.2 SDK update for Windows development languages (for .NET, C++, & Java)

This SDK is an interim update to align to features, capabilities and geographical support of the 3.1 version of the AppUp Client for Windows.  This SDK is required for any developer who is debugging an app with the version 3.1 of the Intel AppUp center client software.  This is not required to develop and submit apps, only required to debug apps should you have downloaded the latest version of the Intel AppUp center client software.

Developer Actions

• Download the 1.1.2 SDKs here if you are using AppUp client 3.1 


New AppUp client updates

Many new features and enhancements just launched for Intel AppUp.  One of the most interesting feature for is a new hyperlink feature that will allow links to be made directly to apps in the AppUp client.  This will initially be deployed for our affiliate stores and targeted promotion.  However look out for more information this summer as we release this capability our developers.

Here is a list of features releasing for the AppUp client:

  • Hyper Linking: Allows a an app to be linked to from the web and take that user directly to the app in the AppUp client should the client be installed.  If not then it directs the user to the app from the AppUp.com website
  • Automatic UX Update: Allows the UX to be updated without having to do an update to the client
  • Device Profile: Retrieve devices capabilities such as screen size, resolution, camera, allowing the catalogue to be filtered based on app requirements for device information
  • Client Navigation – Preset Categories Filters to assist customers find applications
  • Features Catch up in HTML5 - various features implemented to retain features across MeeGo and Windows sores
  • Lite Installer: Vendor installer with small footprint.  Allows for bulk of client to be downloaded during install
  • Plus additional administrative, notification & optimization features


Developer Actions:

  • No actions required, just informational
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