Discussion of "Using AVX Without Writing AVX" with Intel's Rich Hubbard - Parallel Programming Talk Show 114


Time for another episode of Parallel Programming Talk – This is show #114. Intel Software Engineer Rich Hubbard is here to talk about AVX. 

What is Clay Thinking About? Segment

Kathy: The International Supercomputing Conference was held this week and that is where the summer version of the Top500 list is revealed. Clay, have you seen the new Top500 list?

Yes I have. The machine topping the list is the “K Machine” in XX, Japan, built by Fujitsu. It has…[rattle off statistics]… 

Clay: We’ll have to wait until Super Computing 11 in November to see how much better the K Machine gets when it’s finished and if any other platform has been able to close the gap between the top two spots.  One other fact of interest to us: Over ¾ of the machines on the list have Intel processors or one flavor or another. (View video to get list details.)

Kathy: Okay, on with the news:

    • Multicore Programming Summer School week of July 25th Universal  Parallel Programming Research Center in Urbana Champagne if you haven’t registered – hurry up it is almost full – If you are hearing this on June 24 – today is the registration deadline. Clay is teaching. More info: http://www.upcrc.illinois.edu/summer/2011/index.html.  

Guest Segment

Hi Richard – Welcome to the show. Please tell us a little bit about yourself – what do you do for Intel? Our guest today is Intel  Sr. Software Engineer Rich Hubbard  - Rich – good morning and welcome to the show. Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Richard Hubbard's recent article:  “Using Intel® AVX Without Writing AVX” on ISN.

The following questions were asked. To hear the answers please view the video.

What is AVX?  

Can’t the compiler recognize and include AVX? What about the Array Notation feature of Cilk Plus?

Any other methods?

What’s the future for AVX?

Oh – we are out of time - Rich – Thank you so much for being on the show today.

where can folks find more information?


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Today’s words of wisdom? “Go out there and do something parallel.”

More About our Guest
Richard Hubbard
– Richard is a Senior Software Engineer and member of the SSG Apple enabling team, working on optimizing Mac OS X applications for power and performance.  Richard holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology and Bachelors in Computer Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Read additional papers written by Rich Hubbard.

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