Discussing Intel's OpenCL With Technical Lead Yariv Aridor - Parallel Programming Talk #117

Time for another episode of Parallel Programming Talk – This is show #117. We’ll be talking with Intel’s OpenCL Technical Lead Yariv Aridor

What is Clay thinking about today? Voice Recognition Systems - Watch the video to hear what Clay had to say on the subject.

The News

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Today’s Guest

Yariv Avidor is Technical Lead for the Intel OpenCL Project.

Questions Answered by Yariv
1. What is OpenCL?
2. For those new to OpenCL, what is the status and promise of the OpenCL open standard ?
3. How much OpenCL code is portable (functional and performance-wise) across multiple heterogeneous devices ?
4. In your opinion, what is still missing in OpenCL ?
5. What is the relationship between OpenCL and other Intel-provided tools, such as Parallel Studio?
6. What are the highlights of the new product version of the Intel OpenCL SDK 1.1 ?
7. Can you elaborate more on the new feature of implicit vectorization module of your OpenCL product?
8. Will OpenCL be supported across the continuum of Intel platforms?
9. What information can be found find on the Intel OpenCL SDK web-site ?


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Today's words of wisdom: Keep writing parallel code and be good to each other.

More about Today's Guest

Dr. Yariv Aridor is a senior software architect and a manager in the SSG/DPD OpenCL and LLVM development center in Israel, Haifa. He is leading the implementation of OpenCL runtime on Intel’s MIC and a one of Intel’s representatives to the Khronos OpenCL WG.  Dr. Yariv Aridor has joined Intel almost two years ago after being in IBM research and Cisco systems. He has extensive experience in building parallel and distributed systems products and has a long tracking record of research papers publications in top-level academic journals and conferences.

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