Welcome Adobe InMarket AIR developers to the AppUp developer program

Welcome Adobe AIR developers

While AIR* development is not new to the Intel AppUpSM developer program, we are welcoming AIR developers who were part of the Adobe* InMarket* service which recently shutdown. As part of that shutdown our team has been working with Adobe to transfer any InMarket developers to our program. These developers can now login and to the AppUp developer program portal, see the apps they submitted and get reports on downloads and sales.

For InMarket developers, you will recieved a letter from us with your login credentials to get you access to your app dashboard on this site. With that information these developers can login to this site, go to the home page or dashboard and see the status of all apps submitted via InMarket. If you do not get a letter from us within the week, please contact us.

More Services Available to Adobe Developers

AIR developers who previoulsy sumbitted via InMarket now have access to other parts of our program including multi-language submission for English French, German & Spanish (plus Italian in early September timeframe). Also available is the Intel AppUp Developer Program Accelerator (NRE) funding (The Intel AppUp developer program: Accelerator has closed), the Intel AppUp developer challenge, and free Intel AppUp Application Labs. Check out the developer opportunities page for more information and our events page for more information.

Lastly we welcome these new developers to participate in our community and offer their own advice, thoughts, opinions and expertise in our developer forums, blogs and continuing articles in AIR development

A New Way Forward for AIR & AppUp

With the shutdown of InMarket for AppUp, our AIR submission is going under some changes which effects how you submit AIR apps from the AppUp developer program website. AIR apps are to be packaged as MSI files using our Encapsulator service rather than being submitted directly to the submission portal and packaged on the back end. This means a minor extra step to pass AIR apps thru the Encapsulator service which returns the MSI file needed to submit to our program. At the time of this post this new method is not yet available on the site and is scheduled for a late September 2011 release.

Additionally this means you can no longer directly upload AIR apps through the Intel AppUp Developer Program app submission form, meaning as we wait on the Encapsulator for AIR service to be implemented, we will have a short break in AIR submissions to our program . We regret this short pause in AIR submissions to the program, but look forward to accepting AIR apps in a few short weeks with the AIR to MSI service via Encapsulator.

As a reminder to all AIR developers new and existing to our program our Windows store requires that all apps be signed. You may use existing, valid certificates that you used for Adobe InMarket, or you can apply for a subsidized certificate by following the link on your dashboard. And if you need obtain a certificate for your organization, you need not wait for Encapsulator. As a member of the program you can move forward to request a certificate now.

For more specifics on AIR app packaging read this article on AIR submission and packaging guidelines by Praveen Kundurthy, Intel AppUp developer engineer.

Again, we’d like to welcome you to the Intel AppUp Developer Program. If you have questions, please contact us and feel free to engage growing AIR community in our Adobe AIR forum.

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