Atom Mashing Radio: Episode#15 airs October 28th. Tune in!

Don’t miss the upcoming episode of Atom Mashing Radio ‘Developers and Mobile Device Management’ Join Peter Biddle and Ahmed Datoo of Zenprise as they explore the future of mobile device management. Tune in here at 12:00pm PT Friday, Oct. 28. As the BYOD (bring your own device) trend grows in organizations, what also comes with it is the challenge to manage a variety of powerful and affordable personal mobile devices. Add to it the process of downloading of applications and personal usage of these devices, and BYOD can get really challenging. What can developers do to build mobile applications that play well in corporate networks? How can a company handle this risk versus the reward of having a lower cost to the company and keeping the employees happy? Should companies be developing their own, internal, stores of approved applications for personnel use? These core questions and more are what Peter Biddle and Ahmed Datoo of Zenprise will answer on the next episode of MashUp Radio. In case you haven’t tuned in to MashUp Radio before - Hosted by Peter Biddle, this is a 30 min show is aimed at tackling a variety of timely, compelling topics in the industry. Find previous episodes

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