Comparison of Intel® SBA Platform and Intel® vPro™ Technology

With the recent introduction of the  Intel Small Buasiness Advantage (Intel SBA) platform there may be some questions regarding how Intel SBA differs from the Intel vPro Technology (Intel vPro.)  At a very high level, Intel SBA is aimed at the un-managed, infomal IT care model, where Intel vPro would be used for the managed IT care model servicing the medium (100-999 Employees) to large businesses.  This blog will provide key comparisons of these platforms/technologies covering the following:

  • Key IT roles that Intel SBA covers for the Un-managed, informal IT support model
  • Key IT roles that Intel vPro covers for the Managed IT support model
  • A comparison matrix of Intel SBA and Intel vPro Technology

First, in order to understand what are the different needs of various businesses, let's take a look at the support characterists that we see in typical Small to Medium Business (SMB) IT care models:

Typical Small to Medium IT Care Models:

It should be clear in looking at the care models above what kind of IT support model "you" should adopt for your business.  There are distinct differences in what hardware will support Intel SBA and Intel vPro technologies.  The following table provides a comparison of the two with respect to Firmware, Architecture and Features:

Intel SBA vs. Intel vPro

For more information on Intel SBA here are some useful links:

  1. Intel Small Business Advantage – Download and try out the Intel SBA SDK
  2. Intel Small Business Advantage Software Development Kit Guide.
  3. Intel SBA for Software Developers.

For more information on Intel vPro technology, here are some useful links:

  1. Intel vPro Developers Community
  2. Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) Software Development Kit (SDK) Start Here Guid

I hope this blog is useful for describing the usages and differences of Intel SBA and Intel vPro technology.

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