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Teach Parallel! #6. Professor Wen-mei Hwu, Strategies for Parallelism
By Paul Steinberg (Intel)Posted 06/16/20093
Professor Wen-mei Hwu, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.  Common Strategies for Paralelism. It was a treat, indeed an honor, to talk with Professor Wen-mei Hwu on our recent Teach Parallel broadcast.  It was also a bit frustrating in that we really only had about 20 minutes of substantive di…
Matt Wolf on Teach Parallel!
By Paul Steinberg (Intel)Posted 06/02/20091
Teach Parallel Episode #5: Profesor Matthew Wolf    Today Professor Tom Murphy and I led our fifth Teach Parallel broadcast and our guest was Professor Matt Wolf from Georgia Tech.  For those few unfamiliar with Matt's work, he has been an early adopter of integrating parallelism into the undergrad…
Intel Academic Community May 2009 Bulletin
By Paul Steinberg (Intel)Posted 05/22/20090
Spring is coming on slowly here in Oregon. We are just one state shy of the Canadian border, and it is still grey and rainy, but it is warm, and new green growth is everywhere.  Scanning some of the other cities where our academic colleagues are located, I'm seeing similar springlike conditions in…
Teach Parallel! Dan Garcia - Passion, Beauty, Joy, Awe and Computer Science
By Paul Steinberg (Intel)Posted 04/27/20092
We in academia and industry are at least a generation behind in preparing the next generation of computer scientists and engineers for parallel and many core computing.  So said, Dan Garcia, Lecturer SOE in the Computer Science division of the EECS department at the University of California, Berke…
Connecting with Teach Parallel
By Paul Steinberg (Intel)Posted 04/21/20090
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My new role as Academic Community Manager
By Paul Steinberg (Intel)Posted 04/14/20092
Spring comes slow and soggy to Oregon where I live.  April slogs its way to May, the rains slacken and the sun fights it way from behind grey clouds. Oregonians emerge sodden and blinking into the sunlight.  Suddenly strange, summer is here and one beautiful sunny day follows another. A nice change…
Sequential programming is no more. Let's teach parallel programming.
By Paul Steinberg (Intel)Posted 11/12/20082
Killing the Minotaur - Following Ariadne's thread to Supercomputing08 Well, we're not out of the labyrinth [] yet, but we are working on it. In preparing for the panel discussion There Is No More Sequential Programming. Why Are We Still Tea…
Strange Threadfellows at Supercomputing 08.
By Paul Steinberg (Intel)Posted 11/11/20082
As some may (not) know, the Intel Academic Community will be in Austin Texas soon at the Supercomputing 08 conference. While the rest of Intel is out extolling the (very real) benefits of Nehalem and other innovations for HPC, we at the Academic Community will be doing a couple of very cool things …
Sequential programming is dead. So stop teaching it!
By Paul Steinberg (Intel)Posted 10/22/200837
Sequential programming is dead.  So stop teaching it!This teasing diktat points out an important truth – All major manufactures of CPUs, GPUs and ASICs have moved to a many core design, yet universities and colleges are not training engineers in the parallel and concurrent disciplines needed to eff…
Reaching out to the Academic Community
By Paul Steinberg (Intel)Posted 05/09/20080
I am happy to launch my first Blog post as a member of Intel's Software College and Academic Community.  Much of this first post is  introductionary & I am looking for your feedback.  I am working with some of the brightest folks here at Intel, our subject matter experts and architects, such as…