Why WiDi Miracast is a Game Changer for Android
Von Bob Duffy (Intel) Veröffentlicht am 14.10.2013 0
I'm an Android fan and love my Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone.  It has to be one of the best consumer products I own.  One reason I really like it is because of the open ecosystem and innovation that is available to Android that you don't see on other mobile platforms.  However my new Intel smartph…
HTML5 Canvas - Tap & Rotate Player with Arctangent
Von Bob Duffy (Intel) Veröffentlicht am 21.08.2013 5
Great code sample showing how to set up move, aim and shoot for a given player on screen.
Use HTML5 device orientation to run Windows 8 javascript apps on Android devices
Von Bob Duffy (Intel) Veröffentlicht am 19.08.2013 2
For the last year there's been a good deal of information published on how to use the sensor APIs for Windows 8 device.  However if you are interesting in having portable HTML5 code leveraging device sensors typically required a native approach or 3rd party proprietary solution.  With a bit of wor…
The Ultimate Coder Has Been Named - Final Results of Ultimate Coder Challenge: Going Perceptual
Von Bob Duffy (Intel) Veröffentlicht am 22.04.2013 5
For 7 weeks we've seen 7 teams hack, code, build, and rebuild apps to leverage the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK using a convertible Ultrabook™. Our judges have taken time to review the work, have tested each and scored each of our Challenger teams.  The ink is dry, scores added, and the results a…
Crunch Time - Week 6 Ultimate Coder Recap!
Von Bob Duffy (Intel) Veröffentlicht am 04.04.2013 0
Our Challengers came back from GDC with almost no rest to post their second to last post of the challenge.  Yep, the Ultimate Coder Challenge: Going Perceptual is about to wrap up.  Thus this week's posts show a bit of relief, some post GDC levity, and a sense of serious work to be done before the …
Early Perceptual Demos, Hard Decisions, and Hard Falls for Week 3 Ultimate Coder
Von Bob Duffy (Intel) Veröffentlicht am 07.03.2013 2
After just two weeks into the Ultimate Coder Challenge we are seeing some amazing early work, bordering science fiction like experiences. However some Challengers are realizing there is a difference between what they want to do and what they believe they can do. The judges are starting to comprehen…
Big ideas meet cautionary advice in week 1 of Ultimate Coder Challenge
Von Bob Duffy (Intel) Veröffentlicht am 21.02.2013 1
Week 1 of Ultimate Coder is behind us and it’s been another exciting start to the Ultimate Coder Challenge.  Challengers, for the first time, exposed their ideas and approaches to building  futuristic applications where the mere waving of hands, tracking of eyes, or speaking out loud control the ap…
Going Perceptual - Introducing Our Ultimate Coder Challengers
Von Bob Duffy (Intel) Veröffentlicht am 31.01.2013 2
Going Perceptual is the theme of the latest Ultimate Coder Challenge, where 7 teams will have the task to use the latest Ultrabook convertible hardware along with the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK and camera to build the Ultimate app prototype, in just 7 weeks.  We recruited 7 developer teams and …
Soon... The Perceptual Conversion of 7 Ultimate Coders
Von Bob Duffy (Intel) Veröffentlicht am 28.01.2013 1
It's about to begin, Intel's second Ultimate Coder Challenge. The work is planned and 7 amazing teams of developers have assembled to accepted the challenge, along with 4 anxiously awaiting Judges, who will review the work with us week to week.  If you missed the first one the best way I can descr…
FINALLY! Wireless HDMI to TV with Intel WiDi on Windows 8 Ultrabooks
Von Bob Duffy (Intel) Veröffentlicht am 27.01.2013 0
 I've been using my 3rd generation Intel core powered Ultrabook and Windows 8 for a few months and it's amazing, however one cool feature has been lacking; WiDi.   WiDi is a display technology that sends HDMI signal to an external display (like a TV) over WiFi. I had tried getting it going in Novem…